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Enterprise Purpose

To revitalize national industry to have any, the benefit of human health for the mission, is committed to medical research, development and production

Enterprise Spirit

Pragmatic innovation, integrity and dedication

Management Concept

Customer first the credibility of the first brand extension of mutual benefit

Quality Policy

Continuous improvement, to meet customer requirements, the production of safe and reliable products, for the benefit of people's health

Talent Concept

The company people-oriented, to Germany first, give full scope to the talents, common development -- talent is the business development of the competition, the. Jinghuan as talents for the first resources of the enterprise, to rely on talent as a fundamental prerequisite for the development of enterprises, the talent as a fundamental criterion of enterprise development, to promote enterprise and employee as the fundamental task of the common development of talent strategy. In the practice of human resources activities, Jinghuan good for all types of personnel to provide full stage to display their talent, people-oriented, to Germany first, give full scope to the talents, talents. At the same time, through various effective ways, continuously improve the comprehensive quality of enterprise human resources management level and talents, promote mutual development of enterprises and employees, and allow employees to share the results of enterprise development, and achieve common development, sharing success. Striving to create "standardization, specialization, occupation" of the concept of talent.

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