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Optimistic about the medical equipment market prospect

Update Time :2013-06-08The view :1930

Optimistic about the medical equipment

market prospect: medical equipment industry is a high technology industry in a

multi discipline, knowledge intensive, capital intensive, high barriers to entry

in the. At present, the overall level of Chinese medical institutions of medical

equipment is very low, medical instruments and equipment with the 17.5 medical

and health institutions, there are around 15% before and after the nineteen

seventies products, 60% is the last century until the mid 80's products,

processes and their renewal is a process of demand release, will ensure that the

next 10 years or even a longer period of time, the rapid growth of Chinese

medical device market. In 2005 the Chinese medical device market has become

after the United States and Japan, the world's third largest market, medical

equipment sales reached 32500000000 yuan, industry annual growth rate of about


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