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Analysis of the disposable transfusion device

Update Time :2013-06-08The view :2012

Mainly used for a venous transfusion

after aseptic processing, establish the channel between the vein and the common

liquid disposable medical supplies. General by intravenous needle, protective

cap, a transfusion tube, liquid filter, flow rate regulator, a dripping pot,

bottle stopper puncture outfit, the intake pipe air filter is


The traditional infusion with PVC as raw materials, high

performance polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is considered to be the

production of disposable infusion set more safety and higher performance

materials. Now there is a material do not contain DEHP, national


This product and a one-time use of intravenous infusion needle

supporting the use, mainly for clinical gravity type transfusion.


the action of atmospheric pressure, the liquid in the bottle transfusion hose

down the thin flows dripping bucket, when the water pressure is greater than the

venous pressure drop funnel, the liquid in the bottle down the hose into the


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