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After-sales service letter of promisa

The company is earnestly implement the "customer service, the user is responsible for, so that customer satisfaction" purpose, ensure to provide users with high-quality products, and commitment to the terms of service:

1)、To provide legal business qualification to the user certificate (photocopy), including "enterprise legal person business hot according to", "permit for the medical device production enterprise", "Medical Devices Registration Certificate".

2)、Provide the products factory inspection report.

3)、The user wants to notice, issued 15 working days of conventional products in stock, futures products or products with special specifications according to requirements of the contract on time out.

4)、Responsible for the transport process of product quality is not compromised.

5)、In the use process, appear quality problem, after receiving users notice after timely reply or send technical service personnel in place, to help users deal with quality accident.

6)、For quality problems after sale of products, the company quality inspection department confirmed, there are product quality, implementation of "Baotui, Baohuan", caused due to other reasons of the problem, the company actively assist users to solve.

7)、Regular visits to customers, with an open mind to accept customer quality improvement suggestions.

8)、As a major adjustment in the company product, technology, inform the customer, make information communication.

Users have questions about the product or quality, can contact the dealer or with the company telephone contact, are solved by coordinate company customer service and technical service personnel.

Warmly welcome customers to my company's product quality put forward valuable suggestions for improvement, can be directly through the mailbox to feedback, we do our best to improve.

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