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Zhejiang Jinghuan medical supplies Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, is the SFDA license production and sales of disposable medical products of the joint-stock enterprises, the company for China Association for medical devices industry medical high polymer major branch of the governing unit. Company's main products are: infusion sets for single use, disposable sterile syringes, disposable intravenous infusion needle, disposable sterile vagina dilator, one-time use of sterile syringes with a rubber piston, a one-time use of sterile needles, disposable non bacteria doser, disposable transfusion connecting pipe, disposable infusion tube extension.

The company is located in Zhejiang Province, Yuhuan County town of tile burning industrial zone, plant a beautiful environment, yishanbangshui. Pleasant scenery, the company currently has a disposable transfusion system, injector, injector and vein transfusion needle standard rubber piston of a production line, built a standard of biological, physical, chemical laboratory and ethylene oxide sterilization station each, production and inspection device equipped with refined, its operation process is more delicate. In recent years, the company has information sent dozens of people to national industry department for training and learning, creating a number of outstanding management personnel for the company.

Company business, has been the spirit of "continuous improvement, to meet customer requirements, the production of safe and reliable products quality policy people's health benefit", development of production and management, product no adverse reaction cases in clinical use, by a user favorite. At present the company's products sold in Beijing and other provinces and regions, and the products are exported to foreign countries, and achieved good economic and social benefits. Advanced management and perfect quality guarantee system is the Beijing central people pursuit of excellent quality and win customers satisfaction guarantee, the company will be in the wave of reform in the continuous growth and development.

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